What does the CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002) contain?

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Reduce business operating costs, improve corporate profitability, and be more agile and agile. This is what any business wants to achieve. Today, cloud computing makes this a reality. At the same time, the CV0-002 Certificate has also become a popular certification exam. What is the gold content and prospect of the CV0-002 Certificate? Let's take a look at the CV0-002 Certificate.

The CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002) was created because of the industry's drivers of the key factors for successful cloud deployment and the corresponding skill sets needed to support them.

The key to successful deployment of cloud computing - cyber security

The security and maintenance domains of the CompTIA Cloud + certification exam (CV0-002) acknowledge the many security considerations integral to successful cloud deployments.

The following Exam theme of the CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002) reflects Both preventative and proactive measures based on an awareness of an organization’s desired security posture:
Risk mitigation tactics
Policy and complianc
Business continuity and disaster recovery
Security automation tools and techniques
Impact of cloud service and deployment models on security

Automated, orchestration-related goals included in the CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002)

Automation and orchestration are two core cloud computing concepts.
The five areas of the CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002) are related to automation and orchestration. Candidates who successfully pass the CV0-002 exam will have the following capabilities:
Meet security and policy requirements
Deploy systems that meet given requirements
Update cloud elements, such as hypervisors, virtual machines (VMs), virtual appliances, networking components, applications, storage, clusters
Perform routine maintenance tasks, such as clearing and archiving logs, compressing drives, removing orphaned resources, removing outdated firewall rules, and so on

Management area of CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002)
The management area of CompTIA Cloud + Certification Exam (CV0-002) addresses the role of monitoring and resource management in cloud implementation.
It mainly includes the following topics:
Calculating chargeback
Monitoring resource consumption
The importance of de-provisioning
Cost considerations in deployment planning
Monitoring performance against service-level agreement (SLA) requirements

Workload migration to the cloud platform continues to grow
This is a very comprehensive manifestation in the CompTIA Cloud + certification exam (CV0-002). Related exam topics include the following:
Application migration considerations
Moving workloads between cloud providers
Storage, compute and network requirements

If you want to get the CV0-002 Certificate successfully, there is a piece of information that may be necessary: Latest CV0-002 real exam questions.  Regarding the current CV0-002 exam, the latest CV0-002 real exam questions contains all the questions. For example:

A courier company has virtualized its packing software application. The CSA needs to confirm the deployment is utilizing the correct amount of CPU per virtual instance. After confirming the deployment requirements, the CSA should log into the cloud services portal to ensure that:
A. the VMs with the most CPU cores available have been selected.
B. smaller VMs are being selected to reduce the total deployment cost.
C. the deployment is utilizing the recommended amount of CPUs per VM.
D. the alarms on CPU utilization have been enabled.
Answer: C

A cloud administrator is receiving alerts that the disk on several systems is 90% full. Upon reviewing the systems, the administrator determines that the log directory is using 50% of the disk. The company has a 14-day retention policy for all logs.
Which of the following is the BEST solution to implement to minimize future alerts?
A. Orchestrate a job to rotate the logs and upload to external storage.
B. Delete any log files in the directory that are larger than 20MB.
C. Archive the existing logs in the directory and upload to external storage.
D. Add additional storage space to the log directory for the servers.
Answer: A

A company purchased a SaaS CRM application. The signed SLA meets year-round performance requirements. Three months after deployment, customers start reporting a slow application response time. System availability, connectivity, and proper functionality still meet the SLA.
Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for the poor response time?
A. Incorrect business requirements are invalidating the testing results.
B. Bandwidth restrictions are causing poor performance.
C. The application version is causing compatibility issues.
D. Inadequate documentation is affecting the user interface.
Answer: C

A cloud architect created a new delivery controller for a large VM farm to scale up according to organizational needs. The old and new delivery controllers now form a cluster.
However, the new delivery controller returns an error when entering the license code.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
A. A firewall is blocking the port on the license server.
B. The existing license is for a lower version.
C. The existing license is not supported for clusters.
D. The existing license has expired.
Answer: A

A multinational corporation needs to migrate servers, which are supporting a national defense project, to a new datacenter. The data in question is approximately 20GB in size. The engineer on the project is considering datacenters in several countries as possible destinations. All sites in consideration are on a high-speed MPLS network (10Gb+ connections).
Which of the following environmental constraints is MOST likely to rule out a possible site as an option?
A. Downtime impact
B. Legal restrictions
C. Peak time frames
D. Bandwidth
Answer: B

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