Released Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Training Questions

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NCP 5.10 version has been retired, and the new NCP 5.15 version is available. The Nutanix Certified Master-Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15 exam tests candidates on their skills and abilitied performing advanced administrative tasks and optimizing both virtualized workloads and infrastructure components on an AOS 5.15 implementation. We have cracked the latest NCM-MCI-5.15 exam training questions, which are valuable in the preparation.


Released Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Training Questions


NCP NCM-MCI-5.15 Exam

Number of questions: 90 multiple choice, multiple response and drag-and-drop questions
Cost: $199
Time limit: 180 minutes
Languages: English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
Passing Score: 3000 (1000-6000)

NCM-MCI-5.15 Exam Knowledge Objectives

NCM-MCI-5.15 exam knowledge objectives cover the following sections. 
Section 1-Administration and Planning
Section 2-Storage Management
Section 3-Data Protection
Section 4-Security
Section 5-Workload Management
Section 6-Networking

Study Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Training Questions

There are 107 Q&As in Nutainx NCM-MCI-5.15 training questions, which can help you test the above knowledge objectives. Share some Nutanix certification NCM-MCI-5.15 training questions and answers below. 
1.An administrator responsible for a VDI environment needs to investigate reports of slow logins. The administrator finds that increasing the number of vCPUs from 2 to 4 will reduce the login times. Production workloads are consuming 75% of the host CPU on the cluster. The administrator increases the vCPU count on all of the VDI VMs. What are two impacts on the cluster? (Choose two.)
A.Increase CPU utilization%
B.Increase CPU ready%
C.Increase memory utilization%
D.Increasing CPU counts will decrease memory utilization
Answer: AB

2.An administrator is using Nutanix Move to migrate a Windows VM from ESXi to AHV. Automated guest preparation is failing with an error:
Account has UAC enabled error
The administrator is using the local built-in administrator account for the Windows VM Admin approval mode must remain enabled.
What should the administrator do to continue with the migration with Nutanix Move?
A.Use a Domain Admin account for the Windows VM
B.Reboot the Windows VM and try the migration again
C.Follow manual VM preparation guidelines
D.Place Windows VM in Maintenance Mode
Answer: A

3.An administrator has a custom backup application that requires a 2TB disk and runs in Windows. Throughput is considerably lower than expected.
The application was installed on a VM with the following configuration:
Four vCPUs with one core/vCPU
4GB of Memory
One 50GB vDisk for the Windows installation
One 2TB vDisk for the application
What is the recommended configuration change to improve throughput?
AIncrease the number of cores per vCPU
BIncrease the vCPUs assigned to the VM
CSpan the 2TB disk across four vDisks
DAdd 4GB of memory to the VM
Answer: B
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