How to learn Microsoft MS-700 ?

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At the moment, the further development of Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate has brought more development opportunities to the winners of Microsoft 365 Certification. Not only are there more and more choices of positions, but also the salary is getting better and better, and its professional status is getting higher and higher, and the industry prospects are getting better. So how do we go to learn microsoft MS-700?

1. What basic knowledge do I need before learning microsoft MS-700?
Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Teams Administrators for their organization. The Microsoft Teams Administrator configures, deploys, and manages Office 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams that focus on efficient and effective collaboration and communication in an enterprise environment.

The Teams Administrator must be able to plan, deploy, and manage Teams chat, apps, channels, meetings, audio conferencing, live events, and calling. The Teams Administrator is also responsible for upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams.

The Teams Administrator collaborates with Telephony engineers to integrate advanced voice?features into Microsoft Teams. This role is not responsible for configuring direct routing, configuring call routing, or integrating telephony. The Teams Administrator may work with other workload administrator roles, including security and compliance, messaging, networking, identity, and devices.

Candidates for this exam should be proficient at managing Teams settings by using PowerShell. The Teams Administrator has a fundamental understanding of integration points with apps and services, including but not limited to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Azure AD, and Office 365 Groups. The Teams Administrator understands how to integrate external apps and services.

It is not difficult to see from the above requirements: learn microsoft MS-700 needs to have a certain foundation and learn microsoft MS-700 will certainly have some difficulty.

2. What is the first step of learn microsoft MS-700 after having the relevant basic knowledge?
The most basic and most important of any certification exam is the Examination Guide for this certification exam. The Microsoft MS-700 certification is no exception. So, the first step in our learn microsoft MS-700 is to learn the microsoft MS-700 Examination Guide.
Plan and Configure a Microsoft Teams Environment (45-50%)
Manage Chat, Calling, and Meetings (30-35%)
Manage Teams and App Policies (20-25%)
Why is the microsoft MS-700 Examination Guide important? Because this is officially launched by microsoft certification, the most authoritative. Through the study of the microsoft MS-700 Examination Guide, we can basically plan the focus of learn microsoft MS-700 and draw up a corresponding study plan. Planned learning allows us to more rationally allocate the learning time and energy we need to invest in more efficient learning.

3. After learning the microsoft MS-700 Examination Guide, How to learn microsoft MS-700?
1), choose the appropriate microsoft MS-700 book to learn microsoft MS-700
The microsoft MS-700 book plays an important role in the preparation of the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam. Then, the choice of microsoft MS-700 book is very important. After reading a good microsoft MS-700 book, we should be able to understand how to design solutions and applications on the Microsoft Azure platform; familiarize with different Azure design patterns, and how to develop Azure cloud architecture; understand cloud security Best practices, etc. At the same time, a good microsoft MS-700 book should cover all the goals of the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam, covering topics such as ARM templates, AVM, networking, security, application storage, advanced applications, mobile and web applications.

2), combined with teaching video to learn microsoft MS-700
On the Internet, there will be a lot of instructional videos about learn microsoft MS-700. There is a need to pay, there are also free, this one can choose.
Combine the instructional video to learn microsoft MS-700, which is more conducive to our understanding of microsoft MS-700 related knowledge. At the same time, we can make us more focused and not too distracted.

3), participate in online training and learning
To learn about the concepts covered in the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam, attending online training is a great way. However, there are many online training institutions on the market. We must ensure that the training content of the training institution we choose includes all the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam targets, namely Azure virtual machine, Azure virtual network, Azure Storage, Azure Identity, Azure Database, Azure Application Services and Azure Workload Automation. At the same time, after attending online training, you must consult a lot of teachers, and the teacher will help you solve your doubts effectively.

4), read the Microsoft MS-700 related blog resources
This is a learning path that many people will ignore. Why do you want to list this item specifically? Of course it is because of "important" and "useful"! Many of the current Microsoft MS-700 related blogs not only have technical articles on the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam theme, but also have many useful resources. For example: Microsoft MS-700 exam information, expert tips, preparation guides, etc., these resources have proved to be useful. So, arrange the time and effort to invest in the blog, you will receive unexpected results.

5), participate in the forum discussion
On the Microsoft MS-700 related forum, you can submit your question. Some of the forum's great gods will tell you about solutions to these problems. Moreover, different people will look at the problem from a different perspective. This will not only help you solve the problems encountered in learn microsoft MS-700, but also help to broaden your mindset. Not only is it good for your current learning, but it also has a positive effect on your ability to solve problems in the future.

6), Examgood MS-700 latest exam questions
This is the most effective guarantee for us to successfully pass the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam. If you feel that you have difficulty controlling your nervousness during the exam, if you feel that you are always careless when you are doing the problem, if you have enough Microsoft MS-700 knowledge and skills, you still can't make sure you can successfully pass Microsoft MS-700 certification exam. Then, Examgood MS-700 latest exam questions are an essential part of your exam. With the help of Examgood MS-700 latest exam questions, you will definitely pass the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam.
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