HashiCorp Vault Associate VA-002-P Training Questions

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HasiCorp Vault Associate VA-002-P training questions are available, which are helpful for you to pass VA-002-P exam and earn Vault Associate certification. The Vault Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in security, development, or operations who know the basic concepts, skills, and use cases associated with open source HashiCorp Vault. The official VA-002-P exam information is valid for you to clear the test. 


HashiCorp Vault Associate VA-002-P Training Questions


HashiCorp VA-002-P Exam Details

Assessment Type: Multiple choice
Format: Online proctored
Duration: 1 hour
Price: $70.50 USD 
Language: English
Expiration: 2 years

HashiCorp VA-002-P Exam Objectives

HashiCorp VA-002-P exam objectives cover the following details.
Compare authentication methods
Create Vault policies
Assess Vault tokens
Manage Vault leases
Compare and configure Vault secrets engines
Utilize Vault CLI
Utilize Vault UI
Be aware of the Vault API
Explain Vault architecture
Explain encryption as a service

Learn HashiCorp VA-002-P Training Questions

HashiCorp VA-002-P training questions can help you test all the above exam objectives. Share some HasiCorp Vault Associate VA-002-P training questions and answers below. 
1.What is the purpose of using the local-exec provisioner? (select two)
A. ensures that the resource is only executed in the local infrastructure where Terraform is deployed
B. to execute one or more commands on the machine running Terraform
C. to invoke a local executable
D. executes a command on the resource to invoke an update to the Terraform state
Answer: B,C

2.Which command is used to initialize Vault after first starting the Vault service?
A. vault create key
B. vault operator init
C. vault operator initialize keys
D. vault start
E. vault operator unseal
Answer: B

3.Which of the following Terraform files should be ignored by Git when committing code to a repo? (select two)
A. output.tf
B. terraform.tfstate
C. terraform.tfvars
D. variables.tf
Answer: B,C

4.Vault has failed to start. You inspect the log and find the error below.What needs to be changed in order to successfully start Vault? "Error parsing config.hcl: At 1:12: illegal char"
A. the " character cannot be used in the config file
B. fix the syntax error in the Vault configuration file
C. you must use single quotes vs double quotes in the config file
D. line 1 on the config file is blank
Answer: B

5.When using providers that require the retrieval of data, such as the HashiCorp Vault provider, in what phase does Terraform actually retrieve the data required?
A. terraform apply
B. terraform plan
C. terraform init
D. terraform delete
Answer: B
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