CyberArk Defender CAU201 Training Questions

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CyberArk Defender CAU201 training questions have been cracked, which are valuable for you to pass the test. The CyberArk Defender Certification tests for the practical knowledge and technical skills to maintain day-to-day operations and to support the on-going maintenance of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution. To pass CyberArk Defender CAU201 exam successfully, the official CAU201 exam information, topics and training questions are helpful in the preparation. 


CyberArk Defender CAU201 Training Questions


CyberArk CAU201 Exam Information

To take CyberArk Defener CAU201 exam, the following CAU201 exam information is helpful in the preparation. 
Number of questions: 65 multiple-choice questions
Duration: 90 minutes
Exam fee: $200
Passing Score: 70%

CAU201 CyberArk Defender Exam Content

CAU201 CyberArk Defender exam content cover the following sections. 
Account Onboarding
Application Management
Ongoing Maintenance
Password Management Configuration
Security and Audit
Session Management Configuration
User Management Configuration

Study CyberArk CAU201 Training Questions

CyberArk certification CAU201 training questions can help you test the above exam content. Share some CyberArk Defender CAU201 training questions and answers below. 
1.What is the primary purpose of Dual Control?
A. Reduced risk of credential theft
B. More frequent password changes
C. Non-repudiation (individual accountability)
D. To force a 'collusion to commit' fraud ensuring no single actor may use a password without authorization.
Answer: D

2.Time of day or day of week restrictions on when password verifications can occur configured in ____________________.
A. The Master Policy
B. The Platform settings
C. The Safe settings
D. The Account Details
Answer: B

3.Which parameter controls how often the CPM looks for accounts that need to be changed from recently completed Dual control requests.
A. HeadStartInterval
B. Interval
C. ImmediateInterval
D. The CPM does not change the password under this circumstance
Answer: B

4.According to the DEFAULT Web Options settings, which group grants access to the REPORTS page?
A. PVWAUsers
B. Vault Admins
C. Auditors
D. PVWAMonitor
Answer: D

5.Which Master Policy Setting must be active in order to have an account checked-out by one user for a pre-determined amount of time?
A. Require dual control password access Approval
B. Enforce check-in/check-out exclusive access
C. Enforce one-time password access
D. Enforce check-in/check-out exclusive access & Enforce one-time password access
Answer: B

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