CCJE Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer Training Questions

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Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE training questions are available for you to study the test. CCJE Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam covers current versions of CloudBees Core with an emphasis on features that are available on both traditional platforms and modern cloud platforms. To prepare CCJE exam well, the related CCJE exam information is helpful in the preparation. 


CCJE Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer Training Questions


CCJE Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer Exam

There are 90 multiple-choice questions in real Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE exam. 60 questions are about Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution features, and 30 additional questions are about CloudBees Core features. You have 120 minutes to complete all the questions. The required passing score of Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE exam is 66%. 

Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE Exam Topics

Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE exam topics cover the following sections.
Jenkins Fundamentals 11%
Jenkins Administration 28%
Jenkins Build Technologies: Pipeline 20%
Jenkins Build Technologies: Freestyle 7%
CloudBees Core Features 34%

Study CCJE Training Questions

CCJE training questions are the best material for you to study the above topics. Share some Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer CCJE exam training questions and answers below. 
1.When the "Allow automatic, downgrades of plugins on restart" option Is enabled in the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant, which statements are TRUE? Choose 2 answers
A. Plugins outside the CAP Collection will be downgraded If needed to maintain the system consistency.
B. A plugin downgrade will fall if the Installed version is needed by an installed plugin outside the CAP Collection.
C. Plugin downgrades are very safe operations, so no backups are needed.
D. Only plugins inside the CAP Collection can be downgraded.
E. Plugins will be downgraded even if there are other plugins that have an optional dependency on the installed version.
Answer: B,E

2.In a Freestyle fob, the tests are being executed within a Shell build step and then published vid the "Publish JUnit results" post build action. Which conditions must Alt be met In order for the JUnit publisher to display the job status .is "Unstable''?
Choose 3 answers
A. The overall "stability report amplification factor" is greater than 1.00.
B. All publishers before "Publish JUnit results" assign the SUCCESS status.
C. The "Publish JUnR results" reporter finds the test reports.
D. All build steps are successful.
E. There is at least one SKIPPED test case.
F. There is at least one FAILED test case.
Answer: A,D,E

3.You need to automate the deployment of 20 base Jenkins masters. For this, you set the system property Jenkins, install.runSetupWizard to the value "false". Which is TRUE aboutyour Jenkins masters?
A. A default administrator account Is created and you cannot re-enable security.
B. A default administrator account is created with user name "admin" and password "admin".
C. No default administrator account Is created; you have to configure security manually.
D. A default administrator account is created with username "admin" and password from the fie JENKINS_HOME/secret/initialAdminPassword.
Answer: D

4.What does the m# of executors'' field on the Jenkins master control?
A. Number of Java threads that can run Jenkins Jobs.
B. Number of CPU cores configured for this master.
C. Number of Jobs that can execute simultaneously on the Jenkins master.
D. Maximum number of Jobs which can be run concurrently on attached agents.
E. Number of external build agents that can be used for Jobs run on this Jenkins master.
Answer: D

5.Which actions can you accomplish using the Cloud Bees Core Install Wizard? Choose 2 answers
A. Define the initial security settings for the instance.
B. Define the initial set of users for the instance.
C. Update the Jenkins release used by an existing Operations Center.
D. Install a set of recommended plugins (which includes some proprietary plugins developed by CloudBees).
E. Request an Evaluation License to use with the CloudBees Core instance being installed
Answer: B,D
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