BCS CISMP-V9 Training Questions

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles V9.0 CISMP-V9 training questions have been released, which are the best material for you to study the test. To take BCS CISMP-V9 exam, you are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of these aspects, as specified in the learning objectives provided.


BCS CISMP-V9 Training Questions



Type: 100 multiple choice questions
Duration: 120 minutes
Open Book: No (no materials can be taken into the examination room)
Pass mark: 65/100 (65%)

CISMP-V9 BCS Exam Syllabus Area

BCS CISMP-V9 exam syllabus areas are showed in the following table. 

CISMP-V9 BCS Exam Syllabus Area

Study BCS CISMP-V9 Exam Training Questions

BCS CISMP-V9 exam training questions can help you test all the above BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles V9.0 CISMP-V9 Syllabus. Share some BCS certification CISMP-V9 exam training questions and answers below. 
1.Which of the following is NOT an accepted classification of security controls?
A. Nominative.
B. Preventive.
C. Detective.
D. Corrective.
Answer: A

2.According to ISO/IEC 27000, which of the following is the definition of a vulnerability?
A. A weakness of an asset or group of assets that can be exploited by one or more threats.
B. The impact of a cyber attack on an asset or group ofassets.
C. The threat that an asset or group of assets may be damaged by anexploit.
D. The damage that has been caused by a weakness iin a system.
Answer: A

3.Which term describes the acknowledgement and acceptance of ownership of actions, decisions, policies and deliverables?
A. Accountability.
B. Responsibility.
C. Credibility.
D. Confidentiality.
Answer: A

4.Which security concept provides redundancy in the event a security control failure or the exploitation of a vulnerability?
A. System Integrity.
B. Sandboxing.
C. Intrusion Prevention System.
D. Defence in depth.
Answer: D
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