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Exam Code:PL-300

Exam Name:Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Q&A:347 Q&As

Updated: 07-20-2024


Empower your preparation for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam (PL-300) with ExamGood's specialized practice questions. Elevate your skills and ensure your readiness for exam success.

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Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam Overview 

Exam Code: PL-300

Exam Name: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
Certification: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect
Duration: Approximately 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 40-60 questions
Exam price: $165
Passing Score: 700 
As a candidate for this exam, you should deliver actionable insights by working with available data and applying domain expertise. You should:
Provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations.
Enable others to perform self-service analytics.
Deploy and configure solutions for consumption.
As a Power BI data analyst, you work closely with business stakeholders to identify business requirements. You collaborate with enterprise data analysts and data engineers to identify and acquire data. You use Power BI to:
Transform the data.
Create data models.
Visualize data.
Share assets.
You should be proficient at using Power Query and writing expressions by using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). You know how to assess data quality. Plus, you understand data security, including row-level security and data sensitivity.

Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Skills measured 

The English language version of this exam was updated on August 22, 2023. Review the study guide linked in the preceding “Tip” box for details about the skills measured and upcoming changes.
Prepare the data (25–30%)
Model the data (25–30%)
Visualize and analyze the data (25–30%)
Deploy and maintain assets (15–20%)

Exam PL-300 Preparation Tips:

Understand Power BI: Familiarize yourself with Power BI's features, capabilities, and components. Understand how it can be used to analyze data and create visualizations.
Practice Data Analysis: Work on real-world data analysis scenarios. Practice cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to extract meaningful insights.
Master Data Visualization: Learn how to create effective and engaging data visualizations using Power BI's visualization tools. Understand best practices for conveying information visually.
Explore DAX Language: DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is essential for creating calculations and measures in Power BI. Study DAX functions and syntax to manipulate data effectively.
Security and Collaboration: Understand how to implement security measures to control data access and collaborate with others on Power BI reports and dashboards.
Practice Labs and Exercises: Engage in hands-on practice using Power BI. Work on sample projects, exercises, and labs to solidify your skills.

Benefits of Exam PL-300 Certification:

Industry Recognition: Earning the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification demonstrates your expertise in data analysis and visualization, making you stand out in the industry.
Career Advancement: This certification can lead to roles such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, or Data Visualization Specialist, enhancing your career prospects.
Enhanced Skills: Mastering Power BI equips you with valuable skills to analyze data effectively, visualize insights, and make informed business decisions.

Recommend USE ExamGood Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Questions 

Utilizing ExamGood's Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Questions offers a range of advantages that can significantly enhance your exam preparation:
Comprehensive Coverage: ExamGood's PL-300 exam questions cover a wide range of topics outlined in the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam objectives. This ensures that you're fully prepared to tackle any question that may arise.
Realistic Exam Simulation: These questions are designed to closely mimic the format, structure, and complexity of the actual PL-300 exam. Engaging with them will give you a true-to-life feel of what to expect on exam day.
Practical Application: ExamGood's questions are designed to challenge your understanding of concepts and their real-world application. By practicing with these questions, you'll develop the skills needed to analyze data effectively and create meaningful visualizations.
Self-Assessment: Regularly practicing with ExamGood's questions allows you to gauge your strengths and areas that need improvement. This self-assessment helps you tailor your study efforts more effectively.
Time Management: As you work through the questions, you'll become more adept at managing your time during the exam. This skill is crucial for completing the exam within the allocated time frame.
Confidence Boost: By consistently practicing with high-quality questions, you'll build confidence in your knowledge and abilities. This confidence will be invaluable on exam day.
Alignment with Exam Objectives: ExamGood's questions are designed to align closely with the PL-300 exam objectives. This ensures that you're focusing your efforts on the most relevant content.
Supplement to Official Resources: While ExamGood's questions are a valuable resource, they work best when used in conjunction with Microsoft's official study materials and resources.
In conclusion, utilizing ExamGood's Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Questions can be a game-changer in your exam preparation journey. By offering a comprehensive, realistic, and practical approach to learning, these questions help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the PL-300 exam and earn the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification.
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